She Passed!!

I spent a frustrating day working on the van last Sunday, trying to get Cibil the campervan running in time for Monday’s impending MOT. I attempted to change the tank fuel filter which meant draining all of the fuel out first. When I tried to undo the retaining nut which holds the filter in-place it was too solidly resistant to cooperate with its liberation. Unable to heat up the nut with a blow touch (for obvious reasons) I resorted to plan B. This was just to replace the fuel line and inline filters. I also replaced the HT leads, and dizzy cap as planned.


I tried to start the van and she refused to churp into life. It had been raining for most of the day and I was soaked. Later on friend Chris arrived. A fresh pair of eyes, some mechanical logic and intelligence is always welcome. He spotted that there was a loose earth on the Dizzy and a loose jet in the carb. After this the van fired into life. With a slight adjustment to the timing she appeared to be running fine. It was dark by this point so we decided not to test it.


I played about with the van on Monday morning then, with some trepidation, I drove her to the MOT station.


Thankfully, she passed with just a few minor advisories! The mechanic even remarked that she sounded like she was running very well…… I think the van heard this because she promptly cut out….. By this time I had the MOT slip printed out and in my hand. She restarted and I drove off. Ten yards from the test centre she backfired which sounded like a shot gun! 200 yards later she cut out again.

I eventually managed to restart her and limped her home. She’s now road legal but still needs further investigation.

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Naughty Campervan

I have not had the chance to use my campervan since November (four months ago). This always ¬†brings problems when it comes to springtime. For some reason she (Sybil the campervan) is always reluctant to start a new season. This year doesn’t she seam to want to leave the parish boundary. I have booked her in for a MOT at a test center seven miles from my house on two separate occasions, and both times she’s broken down after less than a mile! The road from our village to the main road is called Huffley Lane. It twists. turns, goes up and down so much that my nephews call it ‘The Rollercoaster Road’. Along the two mile stretch of road there’s a car crash most months , Not the best place to brake down, especially at 8,00 in the morning!


Sybil at work on a cold November morning.


The last time that I used her she ran perfectly. I drove her to work for a while whilst my other car was in the garage, with no problems. But now her winter break seams to of caused a running issue. She starts and runs well, but as soon as we’re on the open road, she cuts out. It could only be a block in the fuel, no spark when required or no compression. I hope that I can discount a lack of compression because it was running fine before the winter and does run fine for a while.

This weekend I intend to….

  • Fit a new petrol tank filter,
  • Fit new petrol line
  • New in-line filter,
  • New spark plugs,
  • New HT leads
  • New fuel pump
  • Replace the electronic dizzy and cap
  • Time it with a timing strobe
  • Clean the jets in the carb.

Fingers crossed for Monday’s MOT!!