She Passed!!

I spent a frustrating day working on the van last Sunday, trying to get Cibil the campervan running in time for Monday’s impending MOT. I attempted to change the tank fuel filter which meant draining all of the fuel out first. When I tried to undo the retaining nut which holds the filter in-place it was too solidly resistant to cooperate with its liberation. Unable to heat up the nut with a blow touch (for obvious reasons) I resorted to plan B. This was just to replace the fuel line and inline filters. I also replaced the HT leads, and dizzy cap as planned.


I tried to start the van and she refused to churp into life. It had been raining for most of the day and I was soaked. Later on friend Chris arrived. A fresh pair of eyes, some mechanical logic and intelligence is always welcome. He spotted that there was a loose earth on the Dizzy and a loose jet in the carb. After this the van fired into life. With a slight adjustment to the timing she appeared to be running fine. It was dark by this point so we decided not to test it.


I played about with the van on Monday morning then, with some trepidation, I drove her to the MOT station.


Thankfully, she passed with just a few minor advisories! The mechanic even remarked that she sounded like she was running very well…… I think the van heard this because she promptly cut out….. By this time I had the MOT slip printed out and in my hand. She restarted and I drove off. Ten yards from the test centre she backfired which sounded like a shot gun! 200 yards later she cut out again.

I eventually managed to restart her and limped her home. She’s now road legal but still needs further investigation.


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